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Owning at Horse at Charlestown

We would be over the moon if you would consider owning a horse with us. If you get in touch we can help make it happen and it's worth noting that we can work with most budgets. 

If you think owning a horse might be for you please come and visit and see how things work and enjoy the horses  working and we can discuss what might be the best way for you.


Below is some information on types of ownership from HRI since one of the first decisions an owner has to make is how they wish to race. Going it alone as a sole owner, or including friends and family in a partnership or syndicate? With five owner formats to consider, there is an option that should suit every individual, group and budget.

Types of Ownership

Sole Owner

Run a horse in your own name and colours

An individual who owns the horse(s) outright. Horse(s) will race under your own name and carry your colours.


A partnership is a group of 2 - 4 people. All partners need to be registered as sole owners.

Horse(s) can run under the first named partner, a combination of partner names or a partnership name and will carry Partner 1’s colours.


A syndicate is a group of between 5 – 20 people. Horse(s) will race under the syndicate name and carry the syndicate colours.

A syndicate has one agent responsible for administration and management.

All syndicates are required to have a syndicate agreement and code of conduct


Run a horse under a company name


A company may register as an owner. Horse(s) will race under the company name and carry the company colours.

A company director or secretary is appointed as the agent responsible for the administration and management.

Horse Racing Ireland strongly advises those considering this ownership format to speak with their accountant or tax advisor prior to this decision.

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