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ARKequine and Ciaran Murphy Charlestown Racing team up for an exciting year ahead

We are delighted to announce our partnership with ARKequine as yard sponsor.

ARKequine is a scientifically-driven equine company, they are an innovative, solutions-driven business tailored to meet the needs of the equine community and its success both on and off the field. Offering a range of high quality, veterinary-formulated supplements that have been formulated by experts in their field using only the highest quality raw materials and components and are launched to the market only after years of research and development, and strict efficacy and palatability testing.

Alongside our Bluegrass Feeds we feel that we are giving our horses the best possible combination of nutrition available to support their athletic careers. The advice we get from the team at ARKequine is fantastic and they are always on hand to offer sound advice and support.

ARKequine Nutritional Manager, Kirsty McCann, says "We look forward to following an exciting year ahead for Charlestown Racing and providing the horses with top-class nutritional supplements along with healthcare products".

For more information on ARKequine nutrition and supplements visit

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